Blog 2 3/17


3/11 we discussed and wrote the plots of the horror game

3/12 We started to implement our tutorial and first scene, work including:

  • Finding materials and prefabs
  • Writing controll scripts

3/15 Tutorial finished

3/17 Scene 1 finished, starting to construct scene 2


We decided to change our menu selection method to virtual belt, because we want the user to be able to focus on other tasks while changing the tools they are using.


1.Plot word count

2. Tutorial Screenshot

3. Scene

Blog1 3/10

  1. The name of your project.
    • A Happy Ending
  2. The names of your team members.
    • Lingfeng Guo
    • Zixian Wang
  3. A short description of the project.
    • This horror game features puzzle solving and surprising elements.
    • It is more of an interactive movie type game.
  4. Which technical features you are planning on implementing.
    • Selection: 1 skill point
    • Travel:  2 skill points
    • Interactive Tutorial: 1 point
    • Spatial Audio: 1 point
    • Manipulation: 1 point
  5. What you are planning on spending your creative efforts on.
    • How to make surprising elements more realistic.
    • Writing the storyline.
    • Building the enviornment.
  6. One or more screen shots of your application.
    • Screenshot 1: Overall enviornment.